Split System Company

My dad owns an air conditioning installation company here in Melbourne. Ever since I was a little kid, my dad had been talking my ear off about taking over the family business. But I had never been interested in air conditioning. However, my dad’s whole life revolves around the company. I had no idea how to tell him that I would never be passionate about the company like he is. You…

seafood market

  Fishing has been around for ages. This practice is an ancient art, a skill that has been passed down from generation to generation, dating back to at least 40,000 years. In the beginning, fishing was a modest trade based around the ideology that one should take only as they need however, over time the purity of this process begun to be violated, and as a consequence we are facing…


Pinot noir from Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is home to a range of fine local attractions and organic produce. And while it maintains a humble reputation for domestic tourists, the Mornington Peninsula is actually home to a range of world-class wines – including those produced from Pinot noir. Pinot noir is a red wine grape variety that is grown in many wine regions around the world. But in Mornington Peninsula, you can be sure to…


Book Printing Company

I never wanted to be the overbearing grandmother stereotype. I knew that if I filled that role, there was a chance my daughter would rebel to the nth degree despite the fact she’s turning 30 in a month. But she just had a daughter, which means I have a granddaughter. What am I supposed to do? Just sit back and pretend like she isn’t the most important thing in my…


Is Port a Fortified Wine?

The late eighteenth century was a crucial time in the history of Port wine, during this period several developments transformed Port into the spectacular fortified wine we know it as today. The most predominant of these being fortification. In the early days, brandy was sometimes added to wines prior to shipment in order to fortify them against the harsh conditions of sea voyage. This practice was seldom followed in the…


The Future of your Business

Just yesterday I stumbled upon a staggering statistic which showed that 80% of private business owners are part of my generation, the baby boomers. I have news for you young ones, the last of the baby boomers turned 50 last year, and you know what that means? We ain’t no spring chickens anymore. The baby boomer generation is well and truly heading towards retirement, and the majority of them will…


Dealing with Graffiti

Graffiti is generally considered a community blemish and cleaning it off can cost the Victorian government millions of dollars. And particularly for properties in urban areas, graffiti still poses an ongoing issue. Fortunately to tackle the problem, the state government partners with councils, and other government agencies to operate correctional service programs that assist in removing graffiti across the Victoria, which saves commercial operators substantial costs for its removal. Other anti-graffiti initiatives created by the government…


When steak is not an option

In Australia, we love our beef and lamb. But, on the occasion when you have a guest who refuses red meat, fear not! You can still get that meaty bite in your meal without having to isolate them from the main dinner menu. Fish and seafood come in all shapes, sizes and textures and you may be surprised with these available options that substitute a good steak: Swordfish: Because of…


Business Valuations

The reasons for valuing a business are many and varied. The occasions when this is needed are when you are buying a business, selling a business, selling a share in a business, getting a business loan, attracting investors or valuing your own net worth. There are many ways to value a business and some are more difficult and complex than others. Also, each method will have its pros and cons…


Different wood symbolism for coffins and caskets

As the Malay proverb goes, “Though a tree grows so high, the falling leaves return to the root”. There are many symbolic relevance of the wood used in the coffin or casket is an option you can take. Though many would not realise the historical, mythological, cultural and religious aspects behind the wood type of a coffin or casket, taking time to really consider the materials that will carry your loved one can make…