Tips for Vape Beginners

People are likely to be overwhelmed while making this huge shift from tobacco to vaping. Just like other stuffs, this hobby too has its own learning curve. However, don’t let this turn you far away from it, with little time and patience one can learn their own vaping tricks and tips. Just check out these tips and see if it can head you in the correct direction.

  • Tip 1!

Disassemble the device a night before

At first you might consider it to be a pointless and tedious task but later you will know why. This will soon become your nice habit to remove your vape tank, or atomizer, especially if it’s filled by e-liquid. This helps preventing any spills or leaks which might occur time and again. If the juice comes in contact with the button or the battery, the device could die. Depending on the money that you spent on this device, it certainly wouldn’t be a nice scenario to look at. So be cautious and carry this task for safety.

  • Tip 2!

Guard it from cracking

The retailers who are reliable might warn you but there are many who refrain from being honest. Vaping community know this well that the creation of all the vape tanks are not equal. This implies that not all juices can be used in stone tanks. This is because there are several tanks of plastic which might warp or crack with selective juices. Cinnamon and menthols flavours of e-liquid prove to be the notorious culprits for this crime.

  • Tip3!

Maintenance of juice

There is certainly a lot to do than just vaping or buying e-cigarettes. The e-liquid requires being shook before you use it each time, in order to mix the mixture of PG/VG and nicotine properly and to get the desired outcome of quality vape. Also never leave the e-liquid under direct sunlight. If nicotine is all you care about then you would not want the sunlight to decrease its intensity, giving you a product which you certainly didn’t pay for. Lastly, don’t leave the e-liquid bottle open for extended hours as it can sacrifice the e-liquid flavour. However leaving it open for little while for it to breathe is okay.

  • Tip 4!

The batteries

Batteries happen to be the most important part of the vaping puzzle. Whether you use a mod or the starter kit, never let your battery die, as most people do. Don’t wait for that time; rather connect it to the charger. Also make sure not to tighten it more than necessary as it can damage the charger or the battery. Don’t use any such batteries that are damaged or dented, moreover leaving it under sunlight or vehicles can lead to an explosion.

  • Tip 5!


Don’t do yourself a disservice by frowning over little vaping issues, rather learn the tricks and enjoy a quality time with e-cigarettes. Some can turn out to be bad, few might be okay for you and rest might become your love. So don’t fear the experimenting process.