Things one must Know Before Buying their First E-cigarette

If you have finally decided to go ahead with E-cigarettes instead of tobacco, then might as well make your vape journey enjoyable rather a burden! Vaping is something that is rapidly growing and its technology innovation is moving even faster. However you must consider certain factors before you take the plunge on buying these E-cigarettes which are of various kinds. One must know what their requirements are as well as how exactly a vape functions. By gaining knowledge on how the experience will be and if it is comparatively convenient to tobacco will help.

What is your reason of purchase?

Few casual vapers take it for having a quirky and quality experience. Whereas, few get attracted to it in order to move away from tobacco. Once you meet your needs, vaping will become more clear and easier for you.

Budget accordingly

E-cigarettes can prove to be cheaper if you consider it for the long term usage, however, initially one will have to give more money for it as compared to a cigarette pack. It will be sensible of you if you work around your budget as there are loads of affordable e-cigarettes in the market today. It doesn’t necessarily have to empty your pocket.

Your requirement for nicotine

E-cigarettes have different storage levels for holding nicotine which can be conveniently adjusted. So it depends on your strength and intake of nicotine, however, starting off with a smaller bottle is preferable to determine your concentration level for nicotine. Later you can find the correct balance by using it.

Flavour of your choice

The flavours of e-liquid vary vastly and can put you in a nail biting situation while choosing from. Its advisable to opt for more than 2 flavours if in confusion and determine the taste sensations which you think is your favourite.

Different types of vapes

Since there are many options to decide from you are likely to choose the one that suits you best.

  • Disposables – Though it’s popularity have been declines because of its vapour production and minimal life of battery, but since you are a beginner than disposable is a good option as it is cost effective.
  • Refillables – Also known as modified e-cigarettes (Mods). They require the e-liquid to be refilled and the coils to be replaced; it is popular among the youth due to its battery and overall vape experience.
  • Starter kits – Starter kits are better to opt for once you have experienced disposables and you want something stronger than that.
  • Advanced vaping – It will certainly give you an advanced and larger than life experience because of it long lasting battery and powerful vapour hit. One must however use them effectively and safely and take an advice from a knowledgeable person regarding advanced vaping.

Consider the throat hit

While inhaling the smoke, a feeling that you experience at your throat back is known as throat hit. With E-cigarettes, the strength level of e-liquid and nicotine decides the strength of throat hit. While few prefer it to be light others prefer it to be the strongest, all depending on their previous tobacco habits.