How to Maintain your E-cigarette

Vaping devices, also known as mods, e-cigs and boxes which basically depends on its size and style, comprises of an heating element, a battery, wicking material along with a tank which holds the nicotine liquid. That liquid is referred as “e-liquid” or “e-juice”. As you know, that if a product is maintained properly it lasts for a longer period and is used to its optimum. So if you fail to maintain your e-cigarette then it could become faulty, break, and also burn out, which makes the process of maintenance a must to make your vape survive and live longer. In order to keep it in a good condition, ensure you follow these tricks for satisfactory vaping experience.

  • Keep it clean

The electronic cigarettes must be cleaned properly for it to last longer, rather than letting the dust; debris and residue build up on it. A small cloth can be used to clean it and wiping it off once every week is advisable. Just don’t submerge the product into water as it’s electrical. If one is not experiencing a good draw then clogging might be the reason, so keeping it residue free is essential.

  • Charge it on time

By always keeping it well charged, you will invite for yourself an amazing vaping experience. Short and sharp charging bursts are certainly not the way to go, hence, charging it fully and to its maximum will help maintain its battery life. Also, always connect the charger that is given by it, and never try adjusting it in random chargers even if they fit well.

  • Never let it burn out

If the e-liquid from your tank is going to end soon, make sure you don’t completely exhaust it by leaving it dry. This can either give out a burnt over all taste and might also permanently damage the device in worse scenarios. So keep a tab on the e-liquid level and don’t dry it out.

  • Protect e-cigarettes

We are not saying that it happens to be vulnerable in any form, as they are designed in a robust manner, but one should nicely take care of it. Try purchasing a cover, case or always keep it in a bag to avoid dropping, by mistakenly sitting on it or other reckless errors that might cause damage or dents.

  • Replacement parts

The best of brands also cannot be reliable, and this product’s beauty lies in its switchable components. E-cigarettes batteries, atomisers and cartridges can easily be replaced. So in case if an issue occurs in one of its components try replacing it and enjoy the vape once again.

Make sure you purchase your vaping device, accessories and its liquids from trustworthy manufacturers and brands. Often people try saving money and get tempted to buy devices in a very cheap rate, but however, compromising your health and safety is not worth it and malfunctioning devices must not be taken. Also be aware that vaping too can turn out to be quiet addicting and one must be completely aware and informed while making this decision.