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313123I never wanted to be the overbearing grandmother stereotype. I knew that if I filled that role, there was a chance my daughter would rebel to the nth degree despite the fact she’s turning 30 in a month. But she just had a daughter, which means I have a granddaughter. What am I supposed to do? Just sit back and pretend like she isn’t the most important thing in my life now? Pretend like I don’t really care that I have a granddaughter? Is my daughter crazy? Are you crazy?

No. I did what any self-respecting grandmother would do. I got some photos of my granddaughter taken. And maybe the professional photographer and the bound book were a little much, bordering on high-handed, but she needed them. The family needed the book. I needed the book.

It isn’t selfish if I’m doing it for the whole family. I don’t think it’s such a crazy thing that I employed a book printing company to make a beautiful, timeless and memorable tribute to my new granddaughter. Sure, the professional photographer in the delivery room might have been a strain on my daughter at the time, but she will be ever-grateful in the future when she has such beautiful and artistic photos of her newborn daughter.

I’m not overbearing, surely not. But even if I am I’m not ashamed. That’s what a grandmother is there to do. We are there to spoil our grandchildren, to get involved in every other aspect of our child’s life once they have their own children. To be annoying, slightly invasive and from time to time, plain old generous, that’s what being a grandparent is all about.

My daughter is inclined to disagree. She takes the standpoint of it being her daughter, so everything is her decision. Well sometimes, a grandmother just has to step in. I need quality time with my grandchild, even though she’s less than twenty days old. And truly, it’s not selfish to want a beautiful memory of the birth of my daughter, nor is it ostentatious or over-the-top to get a book of those photos made up.

Now don’t go away from this thinking I’m ridiculous, or that what I’ve done is absurd. You’ll never know until you have a grandchild, the sheer amount of joy and protectiveness you have over the child. It’s almost enough to rival that of the child’s own mother. Besides, the book printer was very reasonable.